I first went to yoga classes, back in 1985, to help with sciatica which I’d suffered from since falling from a horse. It worked! But I’m lazy and so when it got better I’d stop going to yoga. Eventually I got the message and would go every week.

Elaine Pidgeon from the Bruntsfield Iyengar Centre was my first yoga teacher and along with all the other regulars I adored her. Back then I considered doing yoga teacher training but pregnancy interrupted that intention.

I continued with my weekly asana practice and took various opportunities to learn meditation and mindfulness practice. As retirement from full time work in the mental health field approached I realised there would be a golden opportunity to immerse myself more in the power of yoga.

I attended the Yoga Scotland Foundation Course in 2015 and thank Sue and Ali for there wise teaching and their reminder of a Bikram Choudhury quote : “Never to old, never to bad, never to late, never to sick to start from scratch once again”. This was a year that allowed me space to decide whether I wanted just to go deeper in my own yoga journey or did I want to teach.

With this quote in my mind  I took the trip of a lifetime to Trivandrum, India and took a 200 hour Yoga Alliance International Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course. It was one of the best decision’s of my life.